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At tremendous speed, the digital marketing crushes all other marketing fields and progressed on them amazingly. Many successful companies have moved to this field to benefit from faster access to customers, rapid spread for products and keeping up with market requirements. We in Brand details are professional in providing a list of integrated e-Marketing Services with extensive experience to achieved the desired goals.

Your accounts on social networking sites are your gateways to welcome your customers and get closer to them. our work is not only to post tweets but we also establish an effective mechanism for activating and tracking accounts, which is determined by analyzing your needs and meeting them. the mechanism Starts with a clear-cut content plan based on your brand's audience and the best ways to influence and attract them, then we create content table and professional designs for publishing and manage the entire communication process seamlessly.
This is a powerful new channel to access people and influencing them. In BRAND DETAILS, we have strong and direct relationships with many of the most influential . we have the ability to manage the marketing process through influencers, choose the best and most suitable ones for your brand and your audience, and supervise , coordinate , follow up the results as well as analyzing and measuring the impact on your accounts and the number of your followers.
An important process to ensure that your site appears within the first results in search engine results like Google and Yahoo, the e-marketing team in Brand Details uses studied techniques to improve your site's quality and optimizing your chances of appearing before competing sites. Such as "KEYWORDS".
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Content Marketing
The power of marketing campaigns and its succeed appear when achieving successful planning for all its steps. We deal with every part of the campaign as a complete campaign that deserves all concentration and interest to achieve the results. The objectives of the Marketing campaign differ according to the nature of your work and activity that you wish to market, the scheduling and whether your product or service you wish to market is a new service .
The objectives vary from increasing sales, increasing loyal customers or just supporting the brand and proving its power in the market, whatever the goals that you aspire to, we analyze all details and study it and we determine the appropriate direction to achieve your goal by the easiest and simplest ways .

Campaign planning: We determine the goals according to the appropriate target group for you. Then we choose the best marketing materials to achieve this goals and we design the financial sample of the campaign and the materials of results and outputs measurement.

Track the target: While implementing your marketing campaign, our eyes remain following up implementation step, checking the progress in the campaign as planned in advance and informing you all updates to keep up with any changes.

Listening to the reactions and opinions: The successful campaigns are the flexible campaigns that benefit from the public opinions and do their expectation, even if we determine the plan and its goals and its multiple paths, the accurate listening to reactions and analyzing it achieve a gran progress in the plan and save more efforts. In Brand Details, our team, qualified and experienced, have the sense of capture and exploitation of the indicators to improve the results of campaigns in appropriate time and ideal way.

Campaigns reports: We provide you comprehensive reports about every campaign we implement it. The reports include data about the number of followers, following up the comments, shares, retweet, and measure the density of access to the website. These reports help you to know if your campaign is successful and your brand is famous or not. They are an ideal way to evaluate the content and its quality, and its effect on the public.

although E-mail is one of the oldest ways of online marketing, it still has that strong impact in internet marketing . We offer you this service that enable you to introduce your product or service using selected and specialized databases as appropriate for your business and marketing plans.

The advantages of digital marketing

There are many advantages of the digital marketing compared to traditional marketing methods, like:

1- Targeting

The digital marketing access to the largest number of the public compared to traditional marketing.

2- Access

The advertisement arrives to interested slide in the product or the service widely.

3- Price

The prices in the digital marketing is minor than the prices in the traditional marketing compared to the speed of access and the advertising time.

4- 24/7

In the electronic marketing, the campaign is active in all times and all days.

5- Products View

We display all products and services of the company through the website and the rest of his accounts in social media easily.