Strategies & Planning

The key to the success of any marketing process is studied strategies, the right strategy based on facing challenges and searching for market opportunities . The marketing team in Brand Details is interested in building marketing strategies according to your goals.We identify where and how to compete for success, how to develop your brand, products or services, and find out market opportunities and changes.

The initiate in marketing without strategy the determines the direction and arranges the priorities of markets and customers is random adventure that may make you lose many things, So start the steps of your success correctly.

Market Research

We work in this vital field to carry out qualitative and quantitative research based on field and analytical studies with the aim of identifying the market, customer requirements, needs & problems related to the product and the competing companies. Our marketing team works according to scientific standards in research, survey and analysis of information.

Here we put the first brick that we establish on it the work plans and marketing strategies. The researches that we do it serves you in the implementation of your marketing processes, your strategies and measure the supply and demand of your product, your service and high season of selling rate.

Database Marketing

by Using this tool you can make a quantum leap in targeting the market. We collect and sort data about existing and prospective customers and target them through well-thought-out marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, which means more opportunities for profit and business development

Marketing and advertising campaigns

Marketing campaigns are the cornerstone of the entire marketing process success. marketing your product or service depends on the full focus towards the goal. This is the role of intensive marketing campaigns. The marketing team in Brand details plans, designs and implements all your advertising and marketing campaigns. Whether you aim to introduce a new product, enhance your image or even increase sales, we have the tools to create the consumer's desire and remind them of what they need, & raise their interest in the product or service through a series of activities that use innovative advertising techniques to communicate with the public.

  • Scheduling

    It’s important to study the appropriate timing for initiate the campaign and activate it whether to introduce a new product- the development and extension or challengement.

  • Marketing plan

    Measurable Ad Goals, working strategies and policies, balancing ads, appropriate media, consumer behavior of the target public and other determinants and measurement of return of campaigns.

  • Ads messages

    It’s based on the motives for purchasing, the quality of consumers and the type of service or commodity.

  • Marketing mix

    Product- pricing- distribution- marketing.